Work completed during COVID-19 shutdown

Nicole made beautiful pictures using Fabric and Fibre
Nicole keeping active and fit cycling
Nicole has been working on her football skills.
Paul with one of his baby chicks
Thea celebrated her 8th Birthday.
Happy Birthday Thea!
Thea has been busy baking.
Thea has also been busy gardening.

Cillian with his sister Elín  making salt dough, painting and making  double chocolate muffins


Cillian swinging on a swing he made

Kyle was busy baking . It looks delicious!

Kyle went on a Spring Walk and observed  buds growing on the trees

Kyle out cycling during” Active Home Week”

Kyle, Jack and Amy McCormack having fun and getting fit  doing PE class with Joe Wicks

Kyle was busy learning all about Capacity

Lexie and Casey having great fun learning about capacity.

Lexie and Casey examined the capacity of lots of  containers and then ordered them according to  capacity.

Valeria having lots of fun, learning about capacity!